Gentlemen, we have ourselves a race…..

Holy crap, never in a million years did I expect McCain to pick the person I wanted, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska.

Sure, she’s a little light on the experience, but we’ve shown that by nominating Obama for President, we’re not soo concerned with that little tidbit of information.

But the fact that John McCain picked her shows that he recognizes that American do indeed want a change. Had he picked Romney, or Lieberman, it would have meant guaranteed defeat.

So what are we getting with her?

  • A mother, of 5 kids. Mom’s rule.
  • A devoted wife, who still seems madly in love with her man. Every man needs a good woman.
  • Pro-life supporter. Baby killers need not apply.
  • A hunter. Hunters are generally pro-conservation.
  • An NRA life member. Yes, I’m a bitter gun clinger.
  • Someone who will buck her own party. Boat’s are meant to be rocked.
  • Someone who has cut taxes and shunned frivolous spending. I have no interest in sharing my pie.
  • Someone who is working toward energy independence. This is a matter of national security.

Yes, the McCain/Palin ticket gets the Leadchucker endorsement.

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One Response to Gentlemen, we have ourselves a race…..

  1. JR says:

    Add to this list the fact that she understands the role of the .gov and has vetoed legislation that was unconstitutional even though it was supported as a conservative issue (health care for domestic partners in AK) and that she is the executive director of the largest state in the union, a state that is bordered by two countries, and you have a candidate that outshines all four of the other folks in this race.

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