I’m whipped

2 days in the shower, and I’ve managed to finish the tiling and grouting. The hard work is done. Just need to buff it out. Tile is not hard to work with, but a shower is a not a beginners project. But I’ve survived it, my wife continues to remain married to me, and I’m very pleased with how it has turned out.

I’ll update this post later is a pic. The next time I move from this couch is straight to bed.

So the weekend was a wash for me. Friday evening was fun, we got to hang out with friends, and took the kids go carting. Saturday and Sunday were just busy. I hurt, and could use either a visit to the chiropractor, or a hot tub. Or both. It will actually feel good to go to the gym tomorrow night, and work out some of the stiffness.

Nothing gun related though, other than I bought some ammo. I did buy some Buffalo Bore .38 Special 158 Grain LSWHP-GC +P. I’ve been wanting to try those for a while, but I’m a little nervous about going to that party, let me tell ya….. My snubby should handle them fine…. I’m more worried about me. But we’ll try those next weekend.

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One Response to I’m whipped

  1. seasofsilver says:

    I could use a chiropractor too. I swear one of my ribs is just a little out of place… is that possible?

    When you finish your bathroom – it will be so much more wonderful because you did it yourself.

    cool blog.

    FYI I am a liberal democrat living in washington DC and I can shoot a gun and think we should all be able to.

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