So tired…..

Missed out on some trigger time this weekend. I was thinking the local IDPA match was next weekend, but was this weekend instead. Oh well. I’ll get some good trigger time in next weekend.

So instead of playing all weekend, I continued on my economic stimulus project. I’m almost done laying tile, just 2 more rows, and some trim pieces then I’m ready to start grouting. Unfortunately (fortunately???), I ran out of thin-set, so I had to stop for the evening. Hopefully I can start grouting next Sunday, or Labor Day weekend. I’m ready to have my shower back.


The kicker of it is, even once I’m done with the shower, the bathroom project still isn’t finished. I still have some drywall to tape and mud, painting still needs to be done, and then there is the floor. Oh the floor, what a headache that will be. Its the prep work that’s always a headache, but that’s a subject for another day….

It never ends…..

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2 Responses to So tired…..

  1. I like the bold choice in tile. IDPA would have been fun too. Too many things going on at once for me to get good at IDPA. Tile I can do though. Let me know if you need any help or suggestions as your bath project progresses.
    Handyguy Brian

  2. LeadChucker says:

    Thanks! before it was plain white tile. The shower pan had been stained by the previous owner, looked like they had tried to clean engine parts in it. Anyway, we had been talking for several years about replacing it with just a fiberglass surround, but the wall on the right was about 3″ too short. I could have built the wall out, but then it would have been crowding the commode. So we tiled it. I’m pretty pleased with it, esp since it was my first time doing anything with tile.

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