Democrat’s platform

Over at PawPaw’s House, he has some stuff on the Democratic Party’s Draft Platform.

I have to agree, the whole thing makes me want to gag, and go hide in my basement.

One thing I’d like to add:

30 We have a choice to make. We can choose to stay the current failed course. Or we can
31 choose a path that builds upon the best of who and what we are, that reflects our highest
32 values. We can have more of the last eight years, or we can rise together and create a
33 new kind of government. The time for change has come, and America must seize it.

They write like that they (the Democrats) have been completely absent from the Legislature the whole time the Bush administration has been in office. Last time I checked there were Republican’s AND Democrats in the House and Senate. Sorry guys, but you are just as culpable for this mess as the guy across the isle. Own up to the fact that you f’ed up too. But that’s the Democrats platform. It’s always the other guys fault for my own failings.

Oh BTW, I don’t want a new kind of government. I want the old government as the Framer’s envisioned when they laid it out.

What sucks is that I feel completely power-less to change where this election and this country is headed. I am one vote. I will cast that vote on election day. It will not be for Obama. But I am torn on my vote. I’m sure everyone has heard the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time. That’s how I feel about voting these days.

I do see one thing we can agree on:
The time for change has come, and America must seize it.


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