Why I like to shoot…

Cowtown Cop hit the nail on the head perfectly:

“I really love to shoot. There’s something about the calm, repetitive motions that really drops my stress level. I get that intensely clear focus on the front sight and the trigger and breathing just flow smoothly from countless repetitions.”

I’ve always enjoyed shooting, especially trap shooting, but a friend introduced me to shooting pistols a few years ago and hooked me big-time. Thanks Matt. Anyway, my brother died shortly after that, and shooting became a fantastic way to zone out for a bit. There is something Zen-like about focusing only on that front sight, making sure that you are handling the gun properly. It’s you, the gun, and the target, nothing else. The world seems to go away for a while. You don’t even hear the other shooters around you after a while.

Yeah, who needs to get drunk….

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2 Responses to Why I like to shoot…

  1. X says:

    Those who shoot will always nod in agreement as to the zen calmness that one attains, but those who never shoot, who never feel everything go forward to that front sight-blur-and return briefly to the world and then to the front sight again are damned to live in a grey and mediocre state that can not fully grasp the joy of recoil.

  2. LeadChucker says:

    Ahh yes… recoil. I need to shoot the Mosin more….

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