IDPA day!!

I finally made it back out to Benchrest today for an IDPA match. It has been far too long since my last match, probably November 07. Sometimes life has to take a priority. Nice to see some folks I hadn’t seen in a while.

But it was good to be back out runnin’ and gunnin’ even if it was 400 degrees outside. I should have taken a camera to capture the stages and some video, but I figured I should work on shooting instead. I need a lot more trigger time, and need to concentrate on making the distance shots consistently. I would make one, but then drop the other.

Next time I have to remember to take more water, a hat, and a chair. Might have to get me a big boonie hat, despite how stupid I look in them. I really hate it when the top of my head is pulsing from the sun burn.

        July scores are posted. If I could have kept my misses down and avoided that one penalty, it would have been a kick-ass match for me! Good news is that I didn’t completely embarrass myself. Gotta practice. Want to classify as sharp shooter in ESP the next time they do qualifications…. It’s good to have goals….

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