Prison vs Work

I just started working at a large well known company in our area. Its been a huge adjustment for me. For one, I’m used to having the keys to the kingdom, and being able to cross job description boundaries at will to get a particular job done. Not so with this company. I’m also used to having a good deal of interaction with other people during the course of the day, it just doesn’t happen as much here. Now, I will try to tell you that I’m not really a social person. But in reality, I’m realizing that I am. It just takes me a while to warm up to people. Anyway, the environment is just different. Neither good nor bad, just different.

Anyway, another co-worker who started just before I did, and is experiencing much of the same pain that I am. He was commenting that his biggest adjustment was the cube. At his previous company, he had a decent sized office. At this place, we’re in high walled cubes. And it got me to thinking, Prison cell vs Office cube. I had this sitting in an email, and I don’t know who to attribute it to, so if its yours, I’m sorry I didn’t have a name to put with it. But it really nails how I’m feeling about work.

I present Prison vs Work.

    In prison, they spend the majority of their time in a 8-by-10 cell.
    At work, I spend most of my time in a 6-by-6 cube. 

    In prison, they get three free meals a day. 

    At work, I only get a break for one meal, which I have to pay for. 

    In prison, they get rewarded with time off for good behavior. 

    At work, I get rewarded with more work for good behavior. 

    In prison, they are provided with clothing with the ID conveniently sewn on. 

    At work, I must wear an ID badge at all times.
    In prison, there is a dress standard, but they supply the clothes.

    At work, there is a dress standard, but I must buy my own clothes.
    In prison, a guard locks and unlocks all the doors for them.
    At work, I must carry around a security card and lock and unlock all the doors myself.
    In prison, they can watch TV and play games. 

    At work, I get fired for watching TV and playing games. 

    In prison, they will be encouraged to learn a new career. 

    At work, I must do any learning on my own time. 

    In prison, they have an exercise room that they can use almost anytime.
    At work, I can only use the exercise room on my own time. 

    In prison, they can fall asleep anytime and nothing happens.
    At work, if I fall asleep anytime I get fired. 

    In prison, they have full medical coverage with no deductibles. 

    At work, I get partial coverage and pay all the deductibles.
    In prison, all expenses are paid by the tax payer.
    At work, I get to pay all the expenses to go to work so I can pay taxes to pay for the prisoners.

One of these days, I’m gonna figure out what I want to do when I grow up, and I’m gonna get the hell out……

Along that line of thinking, I’d be curious to hear from folks who have made career changes. It is something I’ve given some thought to. IT just doesn’t get me fired up much anymore. I’d be curious to hear from those who have switched careers. How did you manage it? Were you a one income or 2 income family. How did you decide what you wanted to switch to….. More importantly, was it worth it???

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