Meet the teacher night

Tonight was meet the teacher night at my kid’s school. Basically, the kids get to run around a say hi to their new teachers, hug their favorites (yes, this still happens in our school), and see their friends. Brand new teachers look frazzled, and the seasoned teachers make it look easy.

I don’t normally like large crowds of kids and parents in the same building. You get to see all kinds of stupidity. But I like meet the teacher night. I’m not necessarily interested in the teacher so much because we’ll get the opportunity to figure out that relationship throughout the course of the year. I like it because I can watch my kids in an environment that is mostly out of my influence.

Its my job as a parent to equip my kids to interact with other, to give them the tools to eventually become an independent person. I want them to be a positive influence on any environment they find themselves in. I’m a firm believer in leaving something better than you found it, unless you are there to destroy it.

Tonight I watched as my kids did both these things. My daughter routinely hugs every teacher on her way into school, every morning. I could tell that her new and former teachers were genuinely excited to get their first hug of the year. God willing, many more will follow. Yes, definitely leaving something better than we found it.

Like I said before, its my job to equip my kids to be independent people. Tonight, my boy made that step. He starts kindergarten this week. We did a dry run of how he will get from the car to his room. I showed him where I will drop him off, which door he will enter, and which way to turn once in the door. As we rounded the corner into the hallway for his room, he told me to wait while he went to the room. While you want them to be independent, there is a part of you which still wants that little hand to reach up and grab yours, and be lead down the hallway.

Such is the paradox of parenting.

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