Notice to Home Depot

When I’m in your store, perhaps in the tile aisle looking at mortar, please do not talk to me about the fact that I can buy a new furnace from you and have it installed. I really don’t care. If I were interested in such a product, you might find me where the heating and cooling products are located. Not in the tile aisle.

Also, the opportune time to talk to me about my water quality would be when I’m in the plumbing aisles looking at water coolers, again, not in the tile aisle.

If I wanted to talk about things I really don’t care about, I’d go to the mall and let the marketing folks accost me there.

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3 Responses to Notice to Home Depot

  1. dummidumbwit says:

    Modern sales techniques stress win/win but they do seem to place the overcoming of objections at a premium. It’s awful and a issue that really is on the verge of needing intervention akin to the anti smoking decrees and laws. I tell a missionary I don’t want to talk about religion and I get the It’s like if I knew a fine restaurant and I wanted to share it with you, as the immediate attempt to overcome my objection, I don’t want my objection overcome. It makes me mad too. Good post, but highly placed people must be made to hear these complaints, it’s just getting worse and worse.Do people have a constitutional right to annoy and pester? Try not buying a maintenance agreement on an appliance and see how many people you have to repeat that to, I know it’s awful.

  2. LeadChucker says:

    Yeah, I agree that I need to take my complaint higher up the food chain. I’m planning on calling the store manager of this particular store and expressing my displeasure. I may have to point out that I’ve never had that experience at Lowes.

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