$10 screws

It’s really gonna irritate the crap out of me if I have to spend $10 for 4 screws.

I’m have to rethread the screw holes on the receiver of my 10/22 because the previous owner buggered them up. I’ve decided that a #29 drill will clean the holes out nicely, and a size 8-36 screw will do the trick. Problem is that no one in town has 8-36 screws. I can find 8-32, but not 8-36. I’m obviously not looking in the right place.

In fact the gun smith I called didn’t have them, but had the next size up. I don’t have taps for the next size up, so I ask how much to tap? $100 to tear down the rifle, probably $25 to drill & tap the hole, then the scope adapter needs to be drilled, find a screw that will fit, blah blah blah. Yeah you heard me. $100 to tear down a 10/22. $100 for 1 screw and 2 pins, pull the bolt out and you’re done.. $100. I only need 4 holes tapped. Damn, I know a guy needs to make a living, but good Lord. I wish someone would pay me $100 for 2 minutes worth of work.

Makes $10 to Brownell’s not seem so bad.

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