Line ’em & knock ’em down

Hours after the Supreme Court released their decision upholding the Second Amendment as an individual right, and striking down bans of whole classes of firearms, the Second Amendment Foundation and the Illinois State Rifle Association filed suit against the City of Chicago’s handgun ban. Press release here.

Today we hear that Wilmette has suspended their ban. I imagine others, if they are smart, will follow suite.

I also read that the Chicago Tribune is calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Disgusting. I bet if I called for the repeal of the First Amendment because I don’t like what the Trib has to say, we’d hear all sorts of PSH** coming from up north.

It will be fun to watch as peoples rights are restored. Maybe, this will snowball into people looking at other individual rights that our government has decided to take a huge dump on, and start thinking about how those can be restored as well. Maybe we can repeal things like the Patriot Act, as it violates our Third and Fourth Amendment rights. But what about the terrorists you say? Already handled.

Even if these bans are repealed, Chicago is still going to suck. It will suck until they push out folks like Richard Daley. Thankfully there are people in that state who are tired of having their freedoms taken from them because the government knows best. People like the ISRA, and the Winnebago County Council, and countless others in that stating fighting for their God given, Constitutionally enumerated rights to be recognized by their state and city governments.

**PSH – Pants Shittng Hysteria

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