Blogger’s block

I don’t really have much to post. Lots going on, nothing going on, but mostly not in a blogging mood.

Have a lot going on between starting a new job, and some massive home improvement projects. I’m really wishing I were independently wealthy so I could do all the crap that the day job interferes with.

The day job is picking up steam, which is good. I was ready to walk away 2 weeks ago because I had sat for 2 weeks waiting on software to be installed. 2 weeks! Clearly, I don’t idle well at all. When I’m reincarnated as a rat in the next life, I’m not going back to corporate America.

I tore out the shower in my bathroom. Down to nothing but subfloor and studs. Now we just have to pick out a shower base and tile so I can put it all back together again.

My wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! Yea us! It’s not a lot of years, compared to some, but it’s a lot longer than others. I’m pretty damned proud of it. Not always fun, not always easy, but well worth the work. We took a nice little trip to Nashville IN. Ate a lot, wandered a lot, hung out a lot, and most importantly, relaxed a lot. So much so that I’m having a tough time reintegrating back into society.

I really want a house compound down in the holler’s of Southern Indiana.

I got to take my daughter shooting this evening, and we had a grand old time. I had one of those, “I’m glad to be the father of this little gir”l moments on the way home. She was sitting in the back of the jeep with the window down, wind blowing through her hair, happy as a 7 year old girl should be. Damn, nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids joyful, without a real care in the world.

DC vs Heller decision is due out this week. I hope that someday my kids will be able to take their kids shooting and have these same moments with their own that I treasure so dearly.

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