Range day

Today was range day.  I had 2 goals that I wanted to accomplish this morning.  

  1. Get the scope sighted on my kids Marlin 15Y
  2. Test out some new .223 loads I’ve been working up using Hodgdon Varget.

I managed to get the first goal accomplished.  The gun is nothing fancy, just a little Marlin 15Y single shot.  Perfect for teaching the kids how to shoot.  My daughter, who is 7 can shoot the iron sights on it at 15 yards ok.  My son, who is 5, doesn’t quite get the concept of iron sights yet.  I thought I’d try a scope on it thinking it would make shooting more fun for him if he can at least put the rounds on the paper.  I picked up a BSA scope for about $30 from MidwayUSA.  50 rounds later I finally got it sighted in.  I should have bored sighted it first.

The second goal didn’t get accomplished.  I couldn’t remember what distance I sighted the scope for, so I wasted a few rounds figuring that out.  But by the time I has ready to start testing my loads, I was being kicked out.

The range where I shoot has an hour limit when there are people waiting.  The range is nice, and very well managed, especially for something run by the state.  Sometimes their rules get on my nerves, like the 15 minute rounds, 3 seconds between shots, and the wait, but I really shouldn’t complain about a range which is 15 minutes from my house, and only charges $3/hour.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the ranges are busy.  People exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, and practicing with their firearms is NEVER a bad thing.

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